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Welcome to the NRCC Seminars and Workshops 2008!

On the 26th of November, NRCC organised a seminar "Russian Culture for Business" (Russisk kultur for forretningsfolk). The seminar was held in Norwegian in the facilities of Telenor, Fornebu.

On the 22nd of April close to 160 representatives of Norwegian and Russian authorities, companies and organization gathered together in the facilities of Telenor to attend the seminar "Business and Investment Opportunities in Murmansk Region".

On the 14th of February there was held a seminar "Doing Business in Russia" in Stavanger. The seminar was organised by the NRCC and Greater Stavanger Economic Development in cooperation with SR Bank. About 30 representatives of Norwegian companies attended the seminar.

NRCC Moscow ad hoc seminar dedicated to cooperation between Norwegian and Russian banks was held in Moscow on the 24th of January.

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