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All foreign citizens, with an exception of those from CIS-countries, presently need a visa to visit the Russian Federation. To get a visum, you must have an invitation from Russia. Then you fill in an application form and submit it together with a photo, passport and invitation to the Russian Embassy/Consulate.

How to get an invitation?
- you can ask your Russian business partner to assist you with an invitation,
- you can join a tourist group and travel on a tourist group visa.
- you can contact an accommodation facility in Russia (hotel) and ask them to forward an invitation
- you can ask for individual visa support at a travel agency.

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain a visa regardless of its category:

1.1. Fully completed visa application form (please download here (visa application form). An application form should be signed and dated by the Applicant personally. Please note that you are to answer ALL the questions in the visa application form in Russian, Norwegian or English in block letters. Incomplete application forms would not been accepted. Any corrections in the application forms would not been accepted. You can be asked to submit all necessary documents to substantiate information given in the application form.

1.2. Valid national passport (original only and it should have at least two blank pages). It must be valid not less than six months after the expiry date of the visa.

IMPORTANT! Any damage of any page of the Applicant’s passport (especially of the page with a photograph) will result in the rejection of a visa application.

1.3. One recent passport-sized photograph (35 x 45mm) of an Applicant, stapled to the upper right corner of an application form. The photograph must be:
a) of true likeness and not more than 6 months old; showing full face;
b) taken without headgear, head coverings and hats;
c) taken against a plain, evenly lit light background.
Photographs that do not meet these requirements won’t be accepted.

Click here to get more information on the official website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Oslo.

Below you will find a short presentation of several NRCC member companies offering travel and visa services. To make your travel arrangements, please take contact directly with the booking offices of the companies.



Privjet offers a wide range of services related to visa support. Whether you are planning your trip several months in advance, or need to take a unexpected short trip in a couple of days, Privjet can help you with your travel arrangements.
Telephone: 815 22 440,
E-mail: info(at)privjet.com
Web-site: www.privjet.no, www.privjet.com, www.visum.no

Air and Sea Transport AS, Oslo

Air and Sea

Offers travel arrangements (airtickets, hotel bookings etc) with visa support.
Telephone: +47 23012080,
E-mail: ast(at)ast.no
Web-site: www.astavia.com

Titan Airservice

Titan Airservice provides air transportation of the passangers, following on the on-duty purposes, supports to non-scheduled flights as well as offers all kinds of flight support and ground services, for both corporate and private travellers. The staff of the company has 15-years experience in travel industry.
Telephone: +47 21 66 17 72,
E-mail: info(at)titanairservice.com
Web-site: www.titanairservice.com

On request, NRCC can assist with visa support for representatives of NRCC Member companies coming on business trip to Norway. Take contact with NRCC Oslo.

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