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Seminars & Workshops

An essential part of the activity of NRCC is organization of specialized courses and seminars about the Russian society and market. Some of the seminars, which are often organized in cooperation with our Russian and Norwegian partners of cooperation, are as well open to the public in general. Courses are also organized in regional Norway, in cooperation with various NRCC partners of cooperation. When we consider it necessary, we may also organize larger Russia seminars, cooperating with both Norwegian and Russian authorities in this respect and always making an emphasis on business. In addition, we have a couple of ad hoc meetings every year.

In addition, the NRCC specializes in in-depth courses about the Russian market (see below) where also non-members may participate. When the NRCC Networking environment in Moscow is more established, we as well aim for making presentations about Norway, the Norwegian market and Norwegian investment laws and business culture in Russia.

NRCC members are always entitled to a discount on participation fees. Therefore if you intend to attend these and other courses, - become a NRCC member today [Registration form]

Presently, we offer the following courses:

Russisk kultur for naringsdrivende (Russian Culture for Business People)

Culture Seminar

Doing business in Russia is not only about business. Russia is a country of unique and rich culture, and you should get acquianted with it in order to be able to understand the people and the country. But time is money, and business people do not always have a luxury of studying various aspects of the Russian culture. This full-day seminar is tailor-made in such a way that it covers the most essential milestones in such facets of the Russian culture.

The seminar took place in Trondheim on 1st February 2011. For any questions, please take contact with the NRCC,
tel. 47 22 00 29 60.

Match Making Workshop

Membership in the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is open to companies, which are registered in Norway or in Russia and are involved in or intend to become involved in bilateral Norwegian-Russian trade or projects. Also non-commercial organizations and institutions can become members of the NRCC as well as individuals with a personal interest in the respective markets.

To apply for membership, fill in an application form on our website focusing on your company's engagement in Norway or in Russia accordingly and services you wish to offer. In case of positive decision on your membership, this content will be added to the Member Directory of the NRCC and used for promotional purposes to various organizations,

institutions, companies and authorities both in the Russian Federation and in Norway.

Doing business in Russia (in Norwegian)

Seminar in Stavanger
"Doing Business in Russia"

The program covers following topics:

- Russian history (introduction) - The definition of ”power” in the Russian society
- Macro-economic view on Russian economy at present. Business support in the Russian market.
- President elections: what's next
- Visa and work permits in Russia
- Establishment of a new company. Employment, management and investment considerations.
- General faults commited by Norwegian companies in the Russian market.
- HR for Norwegian companies in Russia

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