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Membership in the NRCC

If you or your company would like to participate in developing improved bilateral relations between Norwegian and Russian companies and at the same time receive various kinds of information which will be of benefit to your self and your company, please fill in the enclosed Application form.

Before signing up, please make sure you have got acquainted with terms and membeship fee rates, as well as NRCC Statutes.

After your application is received by the NRCC, you will get a confirmation e-mail. If you don't get a confirmation within three working days, please take contact with the NRCC.

The application will be forwarded to the Board of NRCC for their approval. In case of a positive decision, the administration of the NRCC will provide you with additional information and send you an invoice for the membeship fee for the current year based on the turnover of the company, please see "Terms and Fees". Companies applying for membership later than June of the current year are paying 50 % of the annual fee which is valid until 31st of December of the current year.

Please note that the membership fees are valid within a calender year, in other words, from the date of the Board's decision and untill 31st of December of the current year. All other conditions about renewal and cancellation apply in full.

We wish you welcome to the NRCC!

Registration form

E-mail adresses of all contact persons stated in this application will be automatically added to the NRCC Mailing List in order to be able to receive invitations and information about NRCC events. You will be able to change or add new names and contact persons later at any time.

Company name*:

Visiting adress*:

Postal adress*:

Invoicing adress (if different from above):

Main Contact Person*:


Organization number:

Telephone, switchboard*:


Mobile, contact person:

E-mail, contact person*:


Number of employees:

Company turnover last year:

Contact person no 1. Position, full name:

Contact person no 2. Position, full name:

Contact person no 3. Position, full name:

Subsidiary - if any - in Russia (for Norwegian companies) or in Norway (Russian companies)

(Name, Adress, Phone, E-mail):

Contact person of the subsidiary (Title, full name, e-mail):

Contact person no 1. E-mail:

Contact person no 2. E-mail:

Contact person no 3. E-mail:

Formal description of main activities of the company:

Please note that if your company's application is approved, this description will be published in the NRCC Member Directory. Please focus on your activities related to the Norwegian-Russian market. Volume - maximum A4 page, in English.

Comments or questions to NRCC (this information will not be published in the NRCC Member Directory):

We would like to participate in the NRCC Mentor Programme and get 5 hour mentor support free of charge during the first 12 months of our membership

I agree to the NRCC terms and fees. Please see "Terms and Fees".

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