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Networking Arenas

Establishing personal business contacts and exchanging experiences and knowledge plays a very important role in Norwegian-Russian business relations. This is why the NRCC Networking Meetings are making out the core activity of the Chamber. The meetings are highly appreciated according to a survey carried out amongst the members.

Networking Meeting 2010

Networking Meeting in Oslo, 2010

Every year, the NRCC arranges 7 Networking meetings for its members in Norway. The meetings are sometimes dedicated to specific thematic topics or branches, but most of the meetings cover issues which are both valuable and important for everyone. During refreshment sessions you will be able to communicate directly with all members attending the sessions, and the administration assists you in establishing new contacts with the members. No one will feel left behind in the NRCC Networking meetings. Meeting sessions normally take place on Tuesdays at 14hrs00. NRCC do not have a particular meeting place so far, but alter with organizing the NRCC Networking Meetings in the conference

facilities of NRCC members who has adequate space for a group of about 50 persons (plus minus). Geografically though, the meetings are organized in Oslo.

Networking Meeting 2009

Networking Meeting in St-Petersburg, 2009

Since April 2006, NRCC has been also organizing networking meetings in Moscow, since 2008 - in St. Petersburg, since 2009 - in Murmansk and since 2010 - in Arkangelsk. Take contact with the NRCC in order to get detailed information about the dates and topics.

Within a short time, the NRCC Networking meetings has become a leading forum for personal business contacts between Norway and the Russian Federation. Meeting business executives with other market contacts and different experiences and solutions to obstacles in the market area than your own, and having access to the latest news regarding issues of interest, is of high importance if you wish to be successful in the Russian market. In this way, the diversified NRCC community opens up doors to previously not established and closed structures for those doing business on Russia in Norway. New times need new solutions, and the leading business network on Russia in Norway, wishes you welcome to join the others.

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