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Matchmaking program for Norwegian and Russian SMEs (MMP)

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What is MMP?

The Matchmaking Program for Norwegian and Russian SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) shall seek to establish direct business links and cooperation between participating Norwegian companies with matching Russian partners. Such cooperation may include investment projects, joint ventures, trade operations, hereunder import and export, etc.

The Matchmaking Program is implemented by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and the High North Center for Business at the Bodoe Graduate School of Business (HNC). Financial support is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Nordland County, the NRCC and participating Norwegian SMEs.

How does MMP work?

Phase 1. Applicant (with assistance from MMP Coordinators) submits a company profile to the NRCC.
Phase 2. The company profile is sent to the Program’s National Contact Point in Russia. Search for matching Russian companies is started.
Phase 3. Applicant receives a feedback with profiles about from two to four candidates. After evaluation, the applicant is to select one potential partner.
Phase 4. MMP advisers with competence in Russian business, culture and language execute a pre-feasibility study and prepare a market visit for the applicant.
Phase 5. Applicant visits the selected Russian company/-ies (at own cost) accompanied by an MMP adviser. The goal is to establish cooperation formalized by a Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties.

What is the Participation Fee?

• Participation fee is only NOK 15 000 per Norwegian SME.
• Applicant is responsible for covering his/her own expences in connection with the market visit to Russia.
• All advisory services offered by the MMP, as well as the advisors’ expenses in connection with the market visit to Russia, are covered by the MMP.

How to register

If your company meets the participation criteria and you wish to participate, please take contact with the NRCC to discuss your project and receive all details about the program. You will also be instructed about the payment procedure, rights and obligations of the parties etc.

After the preliminary discussion, you will be asked to fill in the MMP Company Profile (a Word-document will open in a new window). This profile which serves as your formal registration for the MMP, has to be sent to the NRCC. You will be kept informed about the various stages in the partner-finding process directly from the MMP Coordinator in Norway (NRCC).

If you have any questions about the MMP, please take contact with
the MMP Project Manager Joern Tverseth.
Tel. +47 22 00 29 60; Fax. + 47 22 00 29 61;
Mobile: +47 90 91 49 64.
E-mail: tverseth(at)nrcc.no

Download the brochure about MMP (in English)

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