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Mentor Program

The Russian market is for most Norwegian companies a challenging market and the NRCC has received several requests from members about the need for support, even from members with previous experience from the market. As from January 2011, the NRCC therefore has launched a pilot NRCC Mentor Program for - only - new members of the NRCC.


The NRCC Mentor Program undertakes to provide a 5 hours consultation during the first 12 months of your membership by a NRCC appointed mentor. Expert advice beyond the stated 5 hours is only possible on a paid basis by agreement with the NRCC Mentor and is not the responsibility of NRCC.We thus enhance the B2B services of the Chamber and hopefully contribute to support you in overcoming obstacles in connection with operations in the Russian market. Primo 2012, we will evaluate the NRCC Mentor program.

But also the Norwegian market represent challenges for

Russian NRCC members, then not many Russian companies are established in the Norwegian market, the market opportunities are often new for Russian companies although Norway as such is considered to be an easy accessible market. The NRCC administration knows the Norwegian market, and what we do not know, we can sort out for you in cooperation with our members. The NRCC is thus your dedicated partner, and you may as our new Russian member, make use of our advices, free of charge, for 5 hrs during the first 12 months of your membership. After the end of the pilot period, we are ready to support you on a paid basis.

The NRCC Mentors are Members of the Board and employees of the administration of the NRCC. For more details about the various Mentors and their background, please cheque other information on "NRCC Board and Council". The company or organization requesting NRCC Mentor assistance must forward the company's/organization`s intentions and goals with their market engagement (max two A – 4 pages) to our project manager for B2B support, Mr. Joern Tverseth, e–mail: tverseth@nrcc.no,
cell phone: +47 90 91 49 64.
If you have questions regarding these issues, please contact Mr. Tverseth.

In the NRCC Application form you will find a field "We would like to participate in the NRCC Mentor Programme and get 5 hour mentor support free of charge during the first 12 months of our membership". You should enter this field for applying for the NRCC Mentor Assistance.

Go to the "Application Form".

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