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Businesses that are members of the Chambers of Commerce, especially in Russia, are seen as trustworthy partners. At members’ request, the NRCC may issue a required letter of introduction for concerned Russian or Norwegian partners. Members may also use statement “member of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce” on their brochures or in their advertisements. 


Free networking

All NRCC members can participate in the networking meetings free of charge. If a company is a member of the Chamber, so are all company's employees. Up to three representatives per company are eligible for participation in a single event. Registration is always required.

Companies paying maximum membership fee and companies-sponsors of the Chamber are eligible to send more representatives (special rules apply).


Referral requests

As the leading Norwegian-Russian business association, the NRCC is a natural contact point for those in need of goods and services rendered between our two markets. The NRCC receives many business referral requests and inquiries each year, and we recommend our members in the first place.


Business Delegations to and from Norway

NRCC Member Companies are entitled to discounts on participation fee in business delegations to Russia. In Norway, when NRCC receives requests of assistance in organizing company visits for profiled Russian delegations, NRCC Member Companies are the first to be contacted also for this promotion possibility.


No-cost links on the NRCC web

In the NRCC Member Directory on the NRCC website all NRCC members are listed with no cost links to their websites giving good exposure and promotion of their business and services. Logos of all member companies are also shown on rotating basis on the front page of the NRCC website free of charge.


Free promotion

- Member company names are always included in the list of NRCC Members in the NRCC promotion materials.
- NRCC Company Member profiles are also published in the NRCC Member Directory and are available for other members in the Chamber.
- The administration of the Chamber assist newcomers in establishing initial contacts with other members free of charge.


NRCC Newsletters

The NRCC Newsletters “News and Views” keep members informed on the market situation in Russia and Norway, presenting articles and interviews with market players and decision makers, as well as information about coming NRCC events.

The newsletter is distributed free of charge to all NRCC members. The newsletter is also sent out to selected ministries and public institutions in Norway and Russia, thus providing them with important insight in business’ deeds and needs.

All members have the opportunity to contribute articles related to the Norwegian-Russian relations and projects by sending suggestions to the NRCC Administration.


Business and Social Events

NRCC members are the first to receive invitations about ad-hocbusiness events, round tables and regional presentations organised by the NRCC in connection e.g. with important delegation visits.

Annually, the NRCC organise two important social events for its members, Summer Party and Christmas Party. Besides good meal and refreshments, the members enjoy networking with other members and specially invited guests, as well as cultural and/or entertainment program.

In addition, the NRCC offers following discounts for the members:

Participation in the NRCC Courses, Seminars and Delegations Up to 30% discount

Member-to-Member discounts

These are special offers available only to the member companies of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. When making a decision about services and/products, we advise you to check the offers given by your fellow members.
For more information about the services and booking/purchase, please take contact directly with the companies.
Presently, the following offers are available:

Product name

Member discount

Contact information

Event Management Lofoten, discounted weekend trip to Lofoten 25 % discounton the weekend trip to Lofoten when booking in February
Download the offer
Event Management Lofoten
Contact person: Director Jim Eide
E-mail: jim(at)event-lofoten.no
Mobile: +47 41 47 00 00
Accommodation in Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg, by Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg Good discounts on accommodation in the hotel
Download the offer
Radisson SAS Royal St. Petersbur
49/2 Nevskiy Prospect
191025 Russia St. Petersburg
Telephone: +7 812 322 5000
E-mail: reservations.led(at)RadissonSAS.com
Accommodation in Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg Due to management agreement between The Rezidor Hotel Group and Linstow AS Reval Hotel Sonyais rebranded from the 1st of June 2010 to Radisson Hotel Sonya, St. Petersburg.
Good discounts on accommodation in the hotel
Download the offer
Radisson Sonya Hotel, St.Petersburg
5/19, Liteyny pr., St. Petersburg, 191187 Russia
Contact person: Sales Manager Tatiana Kameko
Telephone: +7 812 406 00 18
E-mail: russia.sales(at)revalhotels.com
Visa assistance and handling services, by Privjet! Travel Agency 20-40 % discount on invitations, visa handling and other services
Download the offer
Privjet! Travel Agency
E-mail: info(at)privjet.com
Telephone: 815 22 440
Advertisement in Moj Rajon Newspaper (Moscow and St. Petersburg),by Schibsted ASA 10-40 % discount on advertisements, 10-15% additional discount on all campaigns
Download the offer
Schibsted / Moj Rajon
Contact person: Project
Manager Bernhard Mohr
E-mail: bernhard.mohr(at)schibsted.no

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