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Since 2005, the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NRCC) continued its active cooperation with the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RF CCI). In October 2005 the cooperation got a new solid impact, when the NRCC signed a new agreement on promoting the services of the Russian Chamber's Business Information Centre (BIC) to the members of the NRCC.

They know how

The BIC which was launched in 2004, is a valuable source of both branch related and general market information about the the Russian market. This will enable you to plan your activities and get to know the Russian economy and society. And really, who can better advise you on the Russian market than the Russians themselves, their own Chambers of Commerce and Industry and their vast network of members!

Besides, the Russian Chamber has a large number of operative Committees with representatives from the National Assembly, Duma, and top political circles in the Russian society.

Address: 109012, Moscow, St. Ilyinka, 6
Telephone: +47 495 9290 009
Fax: +47 495 9290 360
E-mail: tpprf@tpprf.ru

Read more about the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on their website.

Regional Russia

In this section you can view and download presentations about various Russian regions. Some of them were made on NRCC Networking Meetings, others were received by the NRCC from Russian business missions and delegations.

You may also like to visit "Russian Regions" section in the NRCC Russia Business Directory presenting a complete overview over Russian regions with links to the regional adminsitrations' websites.

Feel free to download and use this information in your work, quoting the source - authors of each presentation.

Opportunities for Norwegian industry in Arkhangelsk county, by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, 2009.

Murmansk Region: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - presentation by Governor Yury Yevdokimov on Murmansk Seminar in Oslo, april 2008.

St. Petersburg - City of Growing Economy - presentation by First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy of St. Petersburg Yury Rakov, St.Petersburg Days in Oslo, November 2007.

Kaliningrad Region - short information booklet for participants of the NRCC Business Delegation to Kaliningrad. You may also download elder presentations about Kaliningrad: Agroindustrial Complex

Nizhny Novgorod- presentation in connection with the business delegation Nizhny Novgorod organised by the NRCC.

Veliky Novgorod - information for investors in English and in Russian

Komi Republic - the Komi industry is made up of more than 30 branches. The leading ones are: fuel, power engineering, timber industries.

Krasnodar - Economic Potential of Krasnodar Region.

Tyumen Oblast, incl. information about Tyumen special economic area.

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