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Information Services

Members of the NRCC receive regular information about changes within Russian and Norwegian Markets, about relevant economic and industrial events in Russia and Norway and arrangements taking place within the Chamber, such as information about networking meetings, courses, seminars etc. Most of the information is being forwarded to the members by mail.

The NRCC produces also the NRCC Newsletters. A substantial part of the Newsletter is based on information compiled during daily monitoring of Russian and Norwegian media sources, in addition to self-produced articles. Go to the NRCC Newsletters.

Due to the close contact with both Norwegian and Russian authorities the NRCC provides updated information to the members about results, agreements, programs and protocols from official Norwegian-Russian activities such as governmental bilateral commissions, sessions of the Norwegian-Russian Working Group for Interregional and Cross-Border Cooperation of the Norwegian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic, Industrial and Scientific-Technical cooperation, meetings of the Norwegian-Russian Working Group on Shipbuilding, Tourism and Information Technologies and Innovations etc.

Go to "Official Agreements".

We invite all members and organizations to share news on the Norwegian-Russian projects with us by sending a mail to the NRCC at info@nrcc.no.

St. Petersburg Information Centre in the NRCC

NRCC Network Meeting 080211
On the 5th of November 2008 in the facilities of the NRCC there was opened an information business center of Saint Petersburg in Norway. The centre is a permanent exposition with information materials about tourism and business in Saint Petersburg.

The main objective of the centre is to present information about the city of St. Petersburg and promote foreign economic relations between the Russia’s second biggest city and Norwegian businesses. One of the main tasks of the centre is to promote the city of St. Petersburg and its investment potential attracting Norwegian companies to invest and establish themselves in the city.

The centre has same working hours as the NRCC.
The contact information of the centre is the same as of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to read about the official opening of St. Petersburg Information Centre in Norway.

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