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Business Delegations

From Norway to Russia

Flag_Russia Delegation of the NRCC members to Krasnodar, 2008

In order to speed up the establishment of more direct business contacts between Norwegian and Russian companies, the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce arranges business delegations from Norway to various regions in the Russian Federation. The destinations selected are mainly according to the wishes of the members of NRCC, based on feedback from member surveys.

From Russia to Norway

Flag_Norway Delegation from St. Petersburg to Oslo, 2010

The NRCC offer its Russian members similar business delegation concepts to Norway in the near future. Presently, the Chamber may assist its Russian members in all practicalities in connection with their planned visit to Norway on an individual basis. In cooperation with NRCC Moscow and Russian authorities, we as well render assistance to Norwegian member companies arranging visits to Norway by their Russian partners.

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